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Beyond 2020

2020 is a year in which a lot of things have certainly changed. The year isn’t over, not by a long shot, but the effects that this year has had on society is almost staggering in how it affected people on such a large scale and in such a quick amount of time. Most of this in large parts to how Covid-19 has grown from a localized threat in China to become a full blown pandemic all across the world with various countries tackling the issue in different ways.

None of the changes though are as profound as the one that it’s had on the economies of the globe, and how it affected business from Wallstreet to Mainstreet.  While major corporations are battling the issue of how to treat their workers, their assets, and their investments in the coming years and how to conduct their business without taking massive losses, smaller business that you see ran by ordinary people of all types don’t fare as well simply because SME’s don’t have the resources or manpower that larger corporations command.

The question then becomes for small businesses on how they can continue to survive in the current pandemic climate, and even grow and thrive when it’s inevitably over?

SME’s for the most part are completely dependent on their local communities for support to stay afloat. They service the people in their community by providing a service that people need and they, in turn, give support back by purchasing the goods and services of that business if they like it and its needed.
However the problem becomes more acute when you realize that if all of your customers are staying at home, then you really don’t have a business to conduct. How do you survive then and continue to remain in contact with the people who you want to service?

The answer is simple; Going online and utilizing Social Media services

Social Media as a Tool

Social Media might not be for every business unfortunately. Some businesses, such as lawn care, grooming, or other services like that might be unable to service their customer base with their services that way, but Social Media is almost an essential tool none the less for all businesses of every type.


Simply because it allows you to remain in contact with your customer base and keep you in mind. Even if you were a Lawn Care business, or a business that sold Repurposed Electronics, customers appreciate a business that keeps up with them and even in contact with them. Customers, after all, like to remain in contact with businesses they like to deal with not just to ask questions but also to feel like a valued customer.

So how do you start using Social Media as a tool for your small business?

Easy. You simply create an account on your respective Social Media Platform of choice, and fill in the profile on your business. Keep in mind not all Social Media Platforms are created equal. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.

  • Facebook. Facebook is great for filling out a page purely tied into your business and allowing you to create ad space to target potential customers as well that range from age, ethnicity, income level and even geographical location. For businesses it’s almost THE essential tool to advertise online with.
  • Twitter. Twitter is great for putting out quick posts (since they’re limited to 280 characters) as well as photos and videos of your products or services. It’s fast paced, and you can quickly engage multiple customers and clients all at once with just a few words that you want to say. Great for remaining in contact.
  • Instagram. Instagram is great for businesses and services that rely on crafts, food, or non-product services. If you have a small business that does… say… catering, grooming, or professional care then Instagram is great for showing in depth what your business is capable of.

The best part is that you don’t have to choose just ONE Social Media Platform either. A lot of businesses that set up an online shop use two, three, or even all the Social Media Platforms that they can. It’s not unusual to see a Small Business owner make a large post about their products using Facebook, and setting up advertisements on its platform, while turning around to use twitter to show the product in use and talking with other customers about how the product is used and such.

Give it a shot! You just might find what you’re looking for by using these platforms and sticking with the ones that work for your business needs

Replacing Physical Stores

Will Social Media and E-Shops ever really replace your physical Brick and Mortar store?


Covid-19 isn’t going to last forever. No pandemic that’s swept across the world ever really does. It’ll go away eventually as people become immune and a vaccine will more than likely be created and then people will go out and enjoy the fresh air again and life will return back to normal and how it was before – albeit it with a few changes.

However, physical stores aren’t really going to go anywhere. The answer for your Small Business though will depend entirely on cost and budget. For a lot of businesses that sell products online, you’ll have an easier time shipping to business and it might be easier to just store them and showcase them online for Customers. Meaning that you can entirely replace your brick and mortar shop with an E-shop.

For other businesses though it won’t be that simple because of the type of services and goods they provide.

All in all no matter what, whether you can move your business entirely online or not, all businesses will benefit from using Social Media and its many different platforms. During this pandemic, and even after it. All the investment it takes is time, and the rewards are many.

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